Infinite Retina is debuting today as a digital agency specializing in apps and experiences for “spatial computing” platforms.

Spatial computing is another way of saying augmented reality, which allows people to overlay digital images and animations on the real world using AR glasses such as the Magic Leap One.

Los Angeles-based Infinite Retina will help companies enter and succeed in spatial computing — from building a company vision to getting funded to developing an industry and customer strategy.

As a full-service agency, Infinite Retina will also design, produce, and develop spatial computing apps and experiences.

Spatial computing encompasses everything needed to let people move around in a digital 3D world — software and technology associated with artificial intelligence, including machine learning and natural language processing; computer vision; augmented reality; virtual reality; and all other apps that support the creation and maintenance of a digital 3D world.

“We see great strides that will be made in spatial computing uses for many industry verticals, including technology, media, telecommunications, transportation, manufacturing, retail, fintech, health care, and education,” said Infinite Retina CEO Irena Cronin in an email. “Infinite Retina is ready to assist decision makers who work for Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs interested in building companies or projects using spatial computing technologies.”

Above: Infinite Retina wants to boost spatial computing.

Image Credit: Infinite Retina

She added, “Our CEO lives in Los Angeles. Our chief strategy officer, Silicon Valley. Our CTO, New York. This isn’t by accident, because we are joining the media/advertising/finance worlds of Los Angeles and New York with the technology world of Silicon Valley with a team that comes at building product-market fit from different points of view, from tearing into the business model to testing it with users.”

Infinite Retina’s team members include: Irena Cronin (CEO), Robert Scoble (chief strategy officer), Marcelo Moyano (CTO), Sam Levin (VP of client engagement), Perrin Kaplan (marketing and PR), Dulce Baerga (experience designer and producer), Carlos Calva (product analyst), and Brian Seth Hurst (producer).

The company’s advisers include: Mike Bloxham (Magid), Chris Bobotis (Adobe), Ina Yosun Chang (AReality3D), Gerard Corbett (Redphlag), Tim Dillon (recently of MPC), Ciro Donalek (Virtualitics), Andy Grignon (JPMorgan Chase), Francine Hardaway (Stealthmode Partners), James Herr (Alvarez & Marsal), Marcie Jastrow (Technicolor), Tatyana Kanzaveli (Open Health Network), Matt Miesnieks (, Jeffrey Travis (Positron), and Jules Urbach (Otoy).

Infinite Retina will work with entrepreneurs and existing companies. In addition to the areas described above, the agency will do general consulting and strategic analyses on the AI, AR, and VR industries, offering advice on how to get funded, get noticed, pull off events, and find customers.