Riot Games is partnering with Special Olympics to help host an event on Twitch, the Special Olympics Live Stream-a-Thon. It will take place today at 11 a.m. Pacific. You can watch it here.

Riot Games will help with “its passionate player base of 100 million-plus gamers, access to creators and streamers, and the production expertise of its staff to help spread the word.” The League of Legends developer has had internal issues recently with accusations of sexism and a negative work culture.

The Special Olympics Live Stream-a-Thon is hoping to help end discrimination against those with intellectual disabilities. The show will travel around Los Angeles and have segments featuring food and gaming.

Max Carver, who has acted in shows including The Leftovers on HBO and Desperate Housewives on ABC, is hosting the event. It will also feature WWE superstars Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose.

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The event is part of Special Olympics’ “The Revolution Is Inclusion” campaign, which is encouraging people to take the Inclusion Pledge, You can find that pledge here.