Indie studio Motion Twin announced today that Rise of the Giants is coming to the PC version of Dead Cells on March 28. It is coming out to other platforms later this spring.

The free update adds a new environment — the Cavern — and boss. Those will be available to anyone who has beaten the original game at least once.

Dead Cells came out last year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. The 2D rogue-like action game was our No. 2 favorite title of 2018. Motion Twin has not released sales figures for Dead Cells.

Even if you can’t access the Cavern, the update also adds a new skinning system. It gives players access to 50 outfits for their character. Blueprints for these costumes will drop from enemies and bosses in higher difficulty modes. Rise of the Giants also brings 10 new enemies and three new skills.

The update also includes a new hidden level. Motion Twin expects that only the “most advanced players” will conquer it.

Motion Twin is based is based in Bordeaux, France. It is notable for being a worker cooperative, meaning the studio is owned and self-managed by its workers.