Warren Spector took the stage during Unity’s 2019 Game Developers Conference press event to announce that OtherSide Entertainment is making System Shock 3 with Unity. Spector, the creative director for the project, also showed off alpha footage of the PC game.

Spector was a producer for the first System Shock, which came out for PC in 1994, and he’s known for making immersive sim games. It was notable for combining first-person shooter mechanics with RPG elements and atmospheric, sci-fi setting. System Shock 2 followed in 1999.

It’s been a long wait for this third entry. The footage showed a creepy space station and an AI character that will look familiar to fans of the franchise.

Unity is a popular tool for mobile gaming, but System Shock 3 is an example of the engine’s power as a tool for PC development.

System Shock 3 does not have a release date yet.