Epic Games said that its Epic Games Store has gotten off to a good start as the company tries to provide an alternative store in PC games to Valve’s Steam store.

Epic more than 85 million players in its PC ecosystem, said Steve Allison, head of the Epic Games Store, in Epic’s session at the Game Developers Conference.

Subnautica was downloaded 4.5 million times in two weeks as a free title in the store. Slime Rancher was also released for free and it was also downloaded 4.5 million times.

Dauntless is a new title in the Epic Games Store.

Above: Dauntless is a new title in the Epic Games Store.

Image Credit: Epic Games

The Metro Exodus exclusive on the Epic Games Store did 2.5 times more sales of previous game Metro: Last Light, on the rival Steam store. Allison said that developers would make hundreds of millions of dollars on the Epic Games Store.

Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 debuted both on Uplay and on the Epic Games Store.

New titles include Dauntless, Spell Rage, and The Cycle (by Yager). Take-Two will also take Obsidian’s sci-fi title The Outer Worlds and Ancestors to the Epic Games Store.

Humble Bundle has raised $145 million for charity, and the Humble Store will also host a number of the same titles, as Allison said that Epic doesn’t want to create just another “walled garden.”