Advanced global service platform brings simplicity and flow to the complex world of last-mile logistics


Serve (Bittrex International and Upbit: SERV) today announced the official introduction of its patented Token Architecture. What sets Serve’s logistics platform and its token apart from others in the space is the innovative way in which the platform and token interact within the Serve Ecosystem. Serve’s Token Architecture was designed from the ground up to provide a simple, seamless, and transparent transactional experience while providing unprecedented accountability at every step. By doing so, this Token Architecture will herald in a paradigm shift in transactional efficiency, thereby furthering Serve’s goal of becoming a global engine for e-commerce and logistics.

“The genesis of our patented Token Architecture and staking systems allows Serve to stand alone in modern, on-demand delivery and logistics technology,” says Serve’s CEO Shahan Ohanessian, whose team recently won the prestigious DevProject Award-presented at DeveloperWeek 2019-for its innovative software, business processes and transaction protocols. “This combination of technology, smart-token flow and forward thinking will allow our marketplace vendors and partners to bring and conduct all forms of business such as food service, pharmaceuticals, electronics, music and entertainment in ways previously unavailable to those vendors and their various providers.”

Renowned for its innovative software currently utilized by established delivery companies, Serve is at the forefront, making last-mile delivery logistics a viable option for every business, from global businesses to small mom-and-pop restaurants. Offering solutions for the transportation, logistics and retail industries, with countless more applications to come, Serve provides accountability at every stage, helping all transactional participants to increase efficiency and reduce costs by removing unnecessary middlemen from transactions.

“With Serve, users now have access to products with an unprecedented level of satisfaction,” adds Ohanessian. “Over time, this will increase the ability of our blockchain-based, on-demand technology to decentralize last-mile logistics while increasing transparency,” adds Ohanessian.

About Serve

Serve (Bittrex: SERV) empowers today’s on-demand consumer-driven environment by providing an intuitive, efficient, and global platform directly linking users, enterprises/businesses and delivery providers. Serve facilitates any transaction from ordering products, ridesharing, and deliveries of everything to everyone and everyone to everything. The Serve platform enables every person, business, and provider on the planet to buy/sell/receive/deliver pharmaceuticals, food, rides, products, groceries, services, and eventually anything.

Valerie Christopherson