Sony has updated its refund policy for its digital gaming store. The PlayStation Store will now offer refunds for preordered digital games.

In addition, you can also get a refund for a digital game that you have bought but not downloaded yet up to 14 days after payment.

Refunds for digital games can become a tricky territory, and many digital stores have their own policies. This change for PlayStation puts its position closer to Valve’s policy for PC game store Steam, which also offers refunds for preordered games at any time before its release. Microsoft also has refunds for preorders of Xbox One games on its digital store.

Preorders for physical games used to be a big deal, since purchasing a big title before hand was often the only way to ensure that would get a copy. With digital store, scarcity isn’t an issue. Still, some people like to make their purchase ahead of time, and many games offer bonus materials for doing so. Publishers and marketers also love pushing preorders on customers, as they can use those sales as a metric of a game’s popularity before its release.

Now, if you regret buying that $100 digital collector’s edition of the some big PS4 game six months before it comes out, you can get your money back.