The AbleGamers Charity has long fought for the needs and desires of gamers with disabilities. And now, it’s trying to make those concerns easier to address.

Today, AbleGamers launched Accessible.Games, a site with free resources for developers who want to make their games accessible to a wider audience. It consists of two major parts. First is the Accessible Experiences Portal, which is a comprehensive collection of tips and guidelines that offer suggestions on everything from how your game controls to letting players skip content if they can’t complete a certain section.

The second part is the Player Panels, where gamers with disabilities can sign up to offer feedback on a game. Developers can interact with them and use this opportunity to test out new ideas and features for an audience they normally wouldn’t have easy access to.

Accessible.Games is just the latest project from AbleGamers, which has done a lot of good in the gaming industry. Last year, it worked with Microsoft and other special needs organizations to create the groundbreaking Xbox Adaptive Controller.