I hope you’re ready for even more Tetris. Hot off the success of the trippy PlayStation 4 exclusive Tetris Effect and the chaotic battle royale of Tetris 99 on Nintendo Switch comes … Tetris Hello Kitty?

OK, that isn’t the actual title. But Tetris owner and brand agent Blue Planet Software and Hello Kitty creator Sanrio are working together to create an online browser-based Tetris game that’s launching June 3. In addition to the falling blocks we’re all familiar with, the new game will feature an assortment of characters from the Hello Kitty universe (I’m hoping Badtz-Maru will show up at some point).

The collaboration is part of a newly announced multiyear partnership between the two companies, which includes games and merchandise (such as clothes and cosmetics). 2019 also happens to be an important year for both brands: It’s the 35th anniversary for Tetris and the 45th anniversary for Hello Kitty.

“Not only have the Sanrio characters been one of my favorites since childhood, it also has such an incredible history among girls and women,” said Maya Rogers, the president and CEO of Blue Planet Software, in a statement. “The pairing of these two brands to create games, novelties, and fashion items is an incredible opportunity that we think will have great appeal with fans worldwide.”

Tetris isn’t the first gaming brand to partner with Sanrio. In 2017, Bandai Namco collaborated with the Japanese company for a Pac-Man and Hello Kitty line of games and accessories.