Fortnite’s battle royale players can’t have all the fun. So for the upcoming Fortnite World Cup┬átournament in New York City, developer Epic Games announced a new competition: Fortnite World Cup Creative.

It’s the largest competition from Epic centered around the game’s sandbox Creative mode. World Cup Creative will even have its own separate prize pool worth $3 million (in comparison, the battle royale portion is bigger at $30 million). To qualify, players must complete five trials that’ll run from April 29 to June 7 — each featuring a different game made in Creative — and submit their best video clips on YouTube while also using a specific hashtag.

Epic said its Fortnite “captains” will then comb through the submissions and select the top 15 players to compete in the World Cup Creative in July. Popular Fortnite streamer Jack “Cizzorz” built the first trial and will also judge the participants when it goes live in a few weeks.

The two World Cup tournaments are part of Epic’s ongoing effort to maintain Fortnite’s stratospheric popularity among players and influencers (it recently hit 250 million players). Fans can also purchase tickets to the New York event and earn in-game bonuses for attending.