VentureBeat is looking for a skilled technology writer who can cover the emerging, red-hot area of the “edge.”

With AI bringing vast compute power to devices — whether those are phones, sensors, or robotic arms — data is increasingly being crunched at the edge. This beat covers the sub-themes of 5G, the cloud, memory/storage, and security as they come together at the edge and cause significant disruption and opportunity. Companies are increasingly using analytics and AI in real time to sort what data to send to the faraway data-center, and what to keep locally on the device. And 5G speed, a desire to avoid latency, and increased concerns around privacy and security, are all conspiring to keep more things on that edge. Consumers like it, because their data doesn’t leave their devices. It’s creating revolutions across industries, including retail, manufacturing, and healthcare.

This beat requires looking deeper, with articles that explain everything from how modern robotics or manufacturings factories work to how smart cities are emerging. Join a VentureBeat team that is focused on valuable stories that are helping business leaders understand the most transformative technology so that they can make the right decisions. You’ll be fascinated by things like IoT, amazingly fast broadband, and AI inference.

Who you are:

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  • A technology writer with at least 5+ years experience
  • Experienced in journalism that provides context, and that simplifies complex technology issues into ones that regular business readers can understand.

Send your resume, cover letter, and writing sample links to with subject line “Edge.”