Blade Runner is one of those cultural touchstones that’s clearly made a big impact on lots of VR developers. It’s even had a few VR apps of its own. But Melbourne-based OD1N Studios seems to essentially be making its own Blade Runner VR game, and it looks great.

N1NE: The Splintered Mind is heading to VR headsets this year. It’s a narrative-driven cyberpunk detective game set in the year 2099. Playing as Avery Nine, you investigate several mysterious murders, touring the seedy underbelly of a dark future.

Watch the trailer above. It’s not hard to get a sense of OD1N’s inspirations. But, crucially, N1NE looks like a rock-solid take on the cyberpunk genre. Each of the environments seen exudes a moody atmosphere. The game seems to have a mix of elements from crime scene inspection using different gadgetry to full-on combat. You’ll go between the game’s reality and its own take on VR,

N1NE has been in development for two years now, which gives us hope that the game won’t be crushed by the weight of its ambitions. VR could certainly do with a few more entries into the cyberpunk genre to join the likes of Technolust.

Right now the studio says its launching on Oculus Rift with plans to come to HTC Vive “and other platforms.” It sounds like this release will be the first in an episodic series though we don’t yet know how many other episodes there will be. You can sign up to a newsletter to learn more about the game right here.

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