Days Gone, Sonys’ big exclusive for the PlayStation 4, debuts on April 26. We’ve got a copy of it and are playing through the game right now.

Check out some of the gameplay from my first session with Bend Studio’s full game. In this play session, I happened to emerge from Copeland’s Camp — about an hour into the game — during the pouring rain, when it was quite hard to ride the bike. Then the scene shifts to a radio tower where I had to take out an enemy camp and liberate it for Mark Copeland’s radio show.

You’ll see a lot of rain in this playthrough, but there’s also a wide variety of weather throughout the game. As the Days Gone creators suggested, it’s a very dangerous world. I run into a lot of Freakers, or zombies, in the post-apocalyptic Oregon wilderness. But you won’t see any big hordes of zombies this early in the game.

Sony is allowing about an hour of video capture after the departure from Copeland’s Camp. I’ve captured about 26 minutes, with different snippets that show gameplay. But the video doesn’t include any spoilers for the story. I’ve been working with a review copy, and our full review will come later.