Ikon is launching a competitive gaming platform that lets players challenge each other in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and League of Legends. The company plans to expand to other games soon. The challenge platform lets players create and take on custom challenges that their friends and favorite creators brew up.

By activating Ikon, players can also use its easy video recording and editing suite to showcase their biggest moments in a game with their fans and friends.

Ikon’s software runs while you play. As you rack up wins and trophies (or perhaps losses), Ikon records your gameplay. When your match is over, Ikon provides you with clips of your most epic moments as well as an editing suite to customize your best highlights so you can easily post them to your social feeds and share your gameplay.

Above: Ikon’s challenge platform

Image Credit: Ikon

Challenges on Ikon provide a new way for fans to support their favorite creators. Launching these challenges allow creators to connect with their communities — even when they’re not creating video content — and be a part of their fan’s gameplay.

Ikon also features monetization opportunities to encourage creators to let their imaginations run wild in creating challenges for their followers.

“Ikon, at its core, is a platform for players and creators to create new experiences for their friends and followers,” says Jonathan Weinberg, CEO of Ikon, in a statement. “Challenge and creativity is the backbone of gaming – so we wanted to create an awesome sandbox for creators to use challenges as a way to be a part of their fans’ gameplay even when they’re done streaming.”

As players log onto Ikon, they’ll find a slew of already populated challenges from beta users and endemic gaming brands.

Ikon is available now as a free download on the PC. Weinberg founded the company in 2017, and he started out with a platform called Quarterback.

“We’ve been building Ikon for almost a year,” Weinberg said in an email. “And now we’re rolling out with some of the biggest creators in gaming. Content wise, we’re launching with support for League of Legends and PUBG and planning to expand with Fortnite, CS:GO, Apex Legends, and other games very soon. We want every player to be able to use Ikon with their favorite games.”

Ikon has 25 employees.

“We took a bunch of learnings on what and how gamers viewed challenges and following their favorite creators, which is where the inception of Ikon began,” Weinberg said. “A place for creators to make new experiences for their followers, while getting their fans’ support.”

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