Our GamesBeat Summit 2019 has come and gone. We learned about reinvention and communities, about dealing with games that launch to huge audiences and rabid response — and how to communicate with them better. We gave one of the speakers, Insomniac Games’ Ted Price, a visionary award for his contributions to the game industry over the past quarter-decade.

And you can see the Day One agenda here.

GamesBeat has gathered videos of all the first day’s sessions from our Twitch and YouTube livestreams. You can watch all the Day Two talks here.

Dean Takahashi’s opening remarks

2019 GamesBeat Visionary award winner: Insomniac Games’ Ted Price

Chasing the fun

Accessible communities

The Walking Dead: Wrapping up a fan-favorite IP

Climate change games

Building a gaming culture that lasts

Games in the DNA: Growing up Bushnell

Gaming communities today and tomorrow

Where game communities are going

Influencer campaigns that work

The future of games and learning

From refugee to game developer

Games as a global language

The future of kids communities

The landscape of gaming

The future of gaming

Crafting culture, creating vision

Gamer 2.0 — new rules in a crowded field

Communities that last for years

The future of interactive storytelling

Location-based entertainment then and now

User acquisition is dead — Facebook & Google UAC creative are king

Eat or get eaten — consolidation is coming

That’s all from Day 1 — we’ll post the Day 2 talks soon.

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