Lionsgate has integrated John Wick into the world of Fortnite with new locations including the Continental Hotel.

The hotel figures big in the Keanu Reeves films, as it is a gathering place for various assassins. But in the movie, it has an unwritten rule where you can’t kill anyone inside the hotel. If you do, you’ve broken the law of the haven and you become a target for every assassin.

As of now, you can shoot and kill people in the hotel within Fortnite. Wick’s car and house are also in the game. The premiere for the third film, John Wick: Chapter 3, is set for May 17.

Separately, Lionsgate has another John Wick game in the works. Bithell Games is working on its first licensed game — John Wick Hex, what publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment and Lionsgate term as an “action-oriented strategy game.”

John Wick Hex will be for PC and Mac as an Epic Games Store exclusive at launch. The launch date is not set yet.

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