It’s hard enough to coordinate a team of four people in a cooperative online game, let alone eight. But Ubisoft is hoping that the added challenge (and firepower) will make The Division 2’s first raid that much more memorable.

The Operation Dark Hours update arrives for all versions of the multiplayer shooter on May 16. In the raid, a team of eight players must stop the Black Tusks faction from flying in reinforcements at the Washington National Airport. Because it’s so challenging, Ubisoft put in strict requirements for playing: your character has to be at the World Tier 5 level and you must’ve previously completed the Tidal Basin stronghold mission.

If you manage to overcome the raid — the first team to beat it will be immortalized in a portrait inside of The White House base, which all Division 2 players will see — you’ll earn rare weapons and gear.

The Division is a series of postapocalyptic games that imagine what America would look like after a deadly virus decimates the population. The first game took place during Christmas time in New York shortly after the breakout, while The Division 2 follows up some time later in Washington, D.C.

The sequel, which came out in March, has been doing well for Ubisoft so far. According to market research firm The NPD Group, The Division 2 was the No. 1 selling game that month, which also made it the second-best selling game of the year.

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