Battlefield V is about to move into Chapter 4 of its ongoing free updates. And developer DICE detailed what fans have to look forward to as part of the EA Play event that leads into E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). That big content drop is coming June 27, and it is going to bring some significant new additions to the World War II shooter.

The biggest additions in Chapter 4 are a pair of maps. The first is called Marita. It’s a rocky location that takes place in a coastal town in Greece. It is coming “in July,” according to DICE. But first, on June 27, the studio is launching Al Sundan, which is a North Afican map. In addition to those more traditional maps, DICE is also planning some close-quarters battle arenas. That will come as a pair of maps called Provence and Lofoten.

DICE also provided some insight into the more distant future of Battlefield V. In a trailer earlier this week, which you can watch above, it teased the Pacific theater of war. The studio confirmed today that it is launching that in the fall.

Finally, DICE is also raising the multiplayer rank cap from 50 to 500 and introducing private games. And EA has added the game to EA and Origin Access vault, which means you get it as part of that subscription on PC and Xbox One (and PS4 when the service launches in July).

EA revealed the new Battlefield V content at the EA Play event near the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the big game trade show in Los Angeles.

The last big update was Battlefield V’s Firestorm battle royale mode, which debuted on March 25. And more recently, DICE unveiled its roadmap for upcoming additions to the World War II shooter. That includes a number of new maps, modes, and missions over the coming monhs.

In April, EA launched new Combined Arms missions, and in May, EA released a new map called Mercury. Now a new mode dubbed Outpost is coming.

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