Bethesda showed off its new game streaming technology for the cloud, dubbed Orion. The company said it can stream games with up to 40% lower bandwidth and reduces latency by 20%. It showed off this tech tonight at its press briefing ahead of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles.

That means that streaming games will be faster with Orion, and it should all cost less as well.

Above: Bethesda showed off Doom running on mobile with its Orion streaming tech.

“With Orion, you will still be able to stream your game with max settings,” Bethesda’s spokesman said. And a fan in the crowd yelled, “Oh my god.”

They showed that they could stream the full Doom 2016 game on a mobile device, with no reduction in visual fidelity. You can test and refine it yourself at starting tonight.

Bethesda didn’t say what it would do with the technology, or if it would be included in game streaming services coming from companies like Google.

Orion is a patented collection of software technologies that improve the quality and speed of game streaming. It works with any game engine.