Bethesda debuted a new game from Zenimax Studio, the developer of The Elder Scrolls Online during its Electronic Entertainment Expo event in Los Angeles. It is a new Commander Keen, and it is coming to mobile as a free-to-play-game. It is soft launching this summer for iOS and Android.

ESO launched back in 2014 for PC, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions following in 2015. The online game’s third major expansion, Elsweyr, just came out on June 4. The title has attracted over 10 million players. Commander Keen is a very different kind of game for the company.

Commander Keen was an iD Software 2D game from the early ’90s. The first one came out back in 1990.

The new title has you playing as twin geniuses. The story mode tells classic Commander Keen stories and new ones.