Developer Vanimals is one of the developers that made up the onslaught of indies in the Kinda Funny Games Showcase leading into E3. The company revealed its survival zombie adventure Undying, which is about a mother protecting her son in a world overrun by reanimated corpses that eat people.

In Undying, you control Anling. She is the mother of Cody, and she is also going to die. A zombie bit her, and she is slowly succumbing to the infection. This gives her a limited time to both protect her son and to give him the information he needs to survive.

Vanimals is planning to release Undying next year for PC and consoles. It’ll hit Early Access on Steam in early 2020.

“We are really excited about our next title Undying, it’s a very different game from what we’ve made before and it’s really pushing our small team to new heights creatively,” director Kun Wang said. “We wanted to create a survival game with an emotional core. And the dynamic and relationship between Anling and her son Cody was the perfect anchor for that. We look forward to people getting their hands on the game in Steam Early Access next year.”

Undying has a minimalist art style where characters are little more than silhouettes. But it conveys a lot of emotion through body language and voice acting.