Ubisoft finally debuted the third entry in the Watch Dogs series, which debuts March 6, 2020. Watch Dogs: Legion takes place in London, and it enables players to take control of most of the characters in its world. It showed off the game during its Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) briefing in Los Angeles.

This means you don’t necessarily play as any one character. Instead, you are a member of the DedSec hacker group that interacts with the world by hacking into the lives of others. This includes a street tough as well as an old lady who is excellent with drones.

The reason you may want to play as anyone is because different people have different strengths. Some are tough fighters and others are great with machines. They all need to work together to take on various challenges in different ways. But this game has a big risk as well — if a character dies, they’re gone for good.

To enable this play-as-anyone feature, Ubisoft has worked with about 20 voice actors. I know what you’re thinking: “The world should probably have more than 20 characters.” And it does. Ubisoft is taking those actors voices and modulating them to spread those lines across hundreds of potential characters.

Far Cry 2 director Clint Hocking is directing Legion. He left Ubisoft to work for other companies including Amazon, but he returned to Ubisoft to work on this game. Far Cry 2 is a beloved cult classic for its systems-based gameplay

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