Nintendo revealed that Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 are coming to Switch during its Electronic Entertainment Expo Nintendo Direct. The entire Resident Evil series is slowly making its way to Nintendo’s home console/portable platform.

Resident Evil 5 first released in 2009. Resident Evil 6 followed in 2012. Both games have a strong emphasis on action and shooting.

The Resident Evil series has had a big presence in gaming lately. Along with all these ports and remasters, a full remake of Resident Evil 2 came out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch on January 25.

Resident Evil 5 takes place in Africa, and it has a more controversial reputation for being more of an action-shooter than a survival-horror game. Some also levied accusations of racism, though at least one academic debunked this notion, saying it was “anti-colonial.”

In Resident Evil 6, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and a host of newcomers take on the C-virus.