Trials of Mana is coming to Switch in early 2020, Nintendo revealed during its Electronic Entertainment Expo today in Los Angeles. It is a remake of the third entry in the Mana series.

The first Mana game was actually called Final Fantasy Adventure in the U.S. (the series goes by Seiken Densetsu in Japan). It’s most popular entry, 1993’s Secret of Mana, came out for the Super Nintendo. This will be a full HD remake, not a remaster.

This wasn’t the only Mana series news — Collection of Mana is out today. It packages the first three Mana games (Secret of Mana, Final Fintasy Adventure, and Seiken Densetsu 3). So if you’re interested in seeing what Trials will be about, story-wise, you can check out Collection of Mana to find out.

It’s sequel never came out to the U.S., so this remake will be the first chance for many to play the game. The first two games in the series have also had remakes, and those are also coming to Switch.

Outside of remakes, the franchise hasn’t had a new installment since 2007’s Heroes of Mana for the Nintendo DS.