Indie developer Dark Horse Studio and publisher Perfect World Games announced today that Don’t Even Think has attracted over 150,000 players in its first week in early access on PlayStation 4.

The asymmetrical multiplayer game entered early access a week ago. The free-to-play title has players taking control of either humans or werewolves. The game combines elements from the survival and battle royale genres.

Dark Horse Studio is planning some balance changes for the game to help players survive the earlier parts of matches more easily. It is also working on a new tutorial, along with new maps and characters.

Early access gives developers a chance to tweak a game off of real player feedback before launch, so Don’t Even Think will likely go through many changes before its official release. And even though it’s free-to-play and in early access, Don’t Even Think still sells a premium currency. So even before its official launch, it can make money.

Dark Horse Studio started in 2016. This is its first major game.