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Having spent 20 years working in the mobile industry, I feel the pain of today’s app growth marketers working hard to find real and active mobile app users.

Today, new apps launching with healthy marketing budgets are frequently expected to have hockey stick growth. Unrealistic growth expectations have helped create an ecosystem very hospitable to fraudsters. It is no surprise that ad fraud will reach $50 billion annually by 2025 and marketers will bear most of the cost, according to the World Federation of Advertisers & The Advertising Fraud Council.

Experienced app marketers know that driving quality user growth is less about acquiring installs and more about finding new users that open the app, perform a funnel event, and become monthly active users.

More and more, I have calls with growth marketers who have advertised their apps on mobile ad networks and encountered organic attribution fraud, click fraud, or discovered that their campaign had been re-brokered multiple times. As a result, they have decided to take a conservative approach to protecting their advertising budgets and data. They simply stop advertising with independent ad networks and only advertise with Google, Facebook, and Apple Search.

As walled gardens, Google, Facebook, and Apple do not allow any independent fraud detection companies to monitor or evaluate their traffic. The truth is, choosing to advertise mobile app-install campaigns only on walled gardens does not eliminate your exposure to fraud.

Interceptd has a solution. We provide app marketers with an easy to integrate fraud filter for detecting and blocking fraudulent installs, via traffic coming from your independent ad network, agency, and affiliate partners. In real-time, Interceptd monitors your campaign data in the redirection path. With Interceptd in place, you can have confidence that your advertising campaigns, budgets, and data are protected.

Many independent mobile ad networks are choosing to be more transparent. In order to win the business of advertisers and support their clients, they cooperate with third party measurement and fraud detection partners.

As a result of this cooperation, some mobile ad networks have begun to hold themselves to new transparency standards and several of them want to help solve the fraud problem. Often, they are unaware of fraudulent sub-publishers in the bid stream which is a key area where Interceptd can help.

Interceptd’s proprietary fraud detection alarms are backed by our data science and machine learning technology to identify all types of fraudulent app install activity including SDK Spoofing, Click Injection, Click Spamming, Device Farms, Bots and Emulators, Incentivized and Retargeting Campaign Abuse.

Cutting off advertising on independent ad networks for fear of fraud will result in higher user-acquisition costs.  And more importantly, opportunities to reach pools of new and healthy users will be missed.

If you’re an app growth marketer needing to increase your monthly active users, diversification of your mobile advertising real estate is important.  Advertising on ad networks provides the vehicle for your ads to reach users across thousands of content channels.

Interceptd can provide the protection you need. With our fraud filter in place, you will avoid paying for fraudulent clicks, fake attributed installs, and false post install events. This will yield savings with attribution providers and ad network partners. Interceptd provides a return on investment, all while protecting the integrity of your app, brand, and data.

Take action: Interceptd is offering free fraud audits on a trial basis for new customers. 

Jennifer Burrington is VP & Head of Sales, North America at Interceptd.

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