Mobile ad measurement firm Soomla said in a new report that the Facebook Audience Network provides the best value to mobile publishers in its first-ever ranking of mobile ad networks.

That’s not a surprise, and it probably has to do with the fact that Facebook targets real people who provide their real names.

Tel Aviv-based Soomla created a 61-page report that compares the different major mobile ad networks on a variety of parameters. By providing various benchmarks such as effective CPM (cost per mille, a measure of how much it costs to reach 1,000 people), churn rates, churn yield, and other metrics, Soomla is seeking to provide more transparency to mobile app publishers, who need to make monetization and acquisition decisions on real, unbiased data.

Above: Soomla ranked the mobile ad networks that provide the best value.

Image Credit: Soomla

This study is based on aggregated data collected through the Soomla engine. The company analyzed the activity of users across the globe over the span of three months (April 2019 to June 2019).

Together, these users viewed over 9 billion impressions provided by 16 ad networks and over 72,500 advertisers.

“Soomla manages, once again, to provide app publishers with advertising data which cannot be found elsewhere. Our mission is to continually deliver unique in-app insights to publishers so that they can drive more revenue from their apps,” said Yaniv Nizan, CEO of Soomla, in a statement.

Main findings

Above: Soomla evaluated a bunch of mobile ad networks.

Image Credit: Soomla
  • Finding the “sweet spot” between revenue and churn is not always easy. Looking at churn yield data can help reach decisions for better optimization.
  • The top seven ad networks are all competitive vendors, but according to the parameters analyzed, the Facebook Audience Network seems to be the network with the best value for publishers.
  • The top 10 advertisers are responsible for almost 16% of all interstitial and rewarded video impressions.