Toca Boca has gained a steady audience with kids over the years with its various entertainment apps, and today the Swedish company is launching a collaboration for kidswear with H&M.

Fashion retailer H&M is launching a line of children’s clothing, dubbed the Toca Life x H&M collection, that will carry the Toca Life brand from the digital app. H&M will also be integrated into interative prints and textures, foil prints, and 3D applications. It’s another marriage of digital and physical products.

The Toca Life x H&M collection will be available in all stores that carry kidswear and online at today. Toca Boca’s apps have been downloaded more than 281 million times, and Toca Life has had 24 million downloads.

The Toca Life x H&M kidswear collaboration combines the brightly colored and humorous characters of Toca Life with fashion by channeling the playful spirit of the game. Designed by the H&M kids in-house team, the collection includes jersey tops, sweatshirts, dresses, and tracksuits with 100% sustainably-sourced cotton.

Above: Toca Life is teaming up with clothier H&M.

Image Credit: Toca Boca

“With a sense of discovery and playfulness, we wanted to convey that feeling of Toca Life: the humor, quirkiness, interactivity, and creativity,” said Sofia Löfstedt, H&M’s assortment designer for kids. Each piece in the collection is not only a form of self-expression for a child — and physically allows them to move freely and comfortably — but also an encouragement to think that the possibilities in everyday life are limitless.”

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The collection also includes shoes and accessories, such as sneakers, socks and soft toy bags featuring Toca Life characters. Sporty details such as drawstring waists, contrast racing stripes, and elasticated cuffs are featured throughout the collection. Interactive elements are also a central theme and can be found within foil prints, 3D applications, and reversible sequins.

“The essence of Toca Life is rooted in everyday life, so we made sure to represent every part of children’s day-to-day in the H&M collaboration,” Sebastien Roux, Toca Boca’s art director, in a statement. “Maybe a kid wants their sweatshirt to reflect how they’re feeling, and partway through the day they decide they’re feeling a different way — it’s cool that their clothing can be a tool to reflect that.”

Toca Boca has 70 employees.