Accessory manufacturer Turtle Beach has a couple of new products it’s going to reveal at the Gamescom video game show in Germany next week. The Elite Atlas Aero is the company’s latest premium wireless headset for the PC. The Atlas Edge PC Audio Enhancer, meanwhile, is a USB dongle that could improve the audio in any 3.5mm-equipped headset that you already own.

The Aero is $150, and it is launching in late September, according to Turtle Beach. It comes with a number of features, such as the company’s 3D Waves Nx audio processing. The Aero headset also includes Turtle Beach’s recessed padding for people who wear glasses. You also get the latest version of Superhuman Hearing that makes your opponent’s movements more audible.

Turtle Beach is promising 30 hours of battery life from the Aero. That puts it in line with other high-end headsets from competitors like Razer, HyperX, and Logitech.

“The Aero delivers an overall incredible audio experience, and when it launches we believe it will be the best wireless PC gaming headset on the market … period,” Turtle Beach chief executive officer Juergen Stark said. “Aero is an innovative addition to our highly-acclaimed premium Elite line of headsets, as we’re working with the Grammy award-winning Waves team, integrating its Nx audio, which takes surround sound to entirely new levels by giving gamers full 3D audio in every game they play.”

Atlas Edge PC Audio Enhancer for the rest of us

If you already own a headset that you like, you can still get some Turtle Beach technology. In September, the company will also begin shipping the Atlas Edge PC Audio Enhancer for $30. This dongle plugs into a USB port and it has a 3.5mm headphone jack on the other side, so it’s already doing better than most smartphones.

You can then plug in any headphones or headset to get Waves NX 3D audio. It also comes with Turtle Beach’s Control Studio software. And as with the Aero, you will also get Superhuman Hearing to potentially improve your performance in competitive games.

The most impressive feature, however, is that the Atlas Edge adds mic monitoring to a headset. This enables you to hear what you sound like as you are speaking. It’s also something most 3.5mm headsets don’t do. If this works without latency, it easily justifies the $30 price for me.