Tetris 99 is getting a new Grand Prix event next weekend. Beginning August 22 at around 10 p.m. Pacific time, players can participate in Grand Prix No. 6 in the Nintendo Switch Online’s last-player-standing puzzler. This time around, the limited mode features a Fire Emblem: Three Houses theme to celebrate the publisher’s recently release tactical role-playing adventure.

Tetris x Fire Emblem runs through August 27. As with previous Grand Prix events, you can earn a reward by attaining 100 points. You might have guessed that reaching that goal will permanently unlock the Fire Emblem theme.

If you play a match of Tetris 99, you earn about 10 points no matter what. This means you’ll have to play a maximum of about 10 games during the Grand Prix to get this content. If you finish near the top, you will need fewer matches to get to the 100-point threshold.

Tetris 99 is the only new game that Nintendo has released as an exclusive for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. If you spend the $4-per-month or $20 per year, you get access to Tetris 99 at no additional charge. The game features familiar Tetris gameplay, but it mashes it up with a competitive battle-royale element. You can target opponents and try to build up your attack power by eliminating other players.

This Fire Emblem event is just the latest cross-promotion for Tetris 99. Nintendo featured brands like Hello Kitty in previous Grand Prix weekends. But it has also rewarded players with themes like classic Game Boy Tetris, so it’s not all about marketing.