Nvidia is working with more developers to bring ray tracing to several new upcoming releases. During a presentation today at Gamescom 2019 fan event in Germany, the graphics company revealed that its RTX technology is coming to the new content for Metro: Exodus, Minecraft, Dying Light 2, and Synced: Off-Planet. These games join a growing list of titles that includes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Control.

Metro Exodus already supports RTX, so it makes sense that its DLC would as well. And you can read more about Minecraft’s RTX implementation in our story about it here.

Dying Light 2 is developer Techland’s sequel to its original zombie parkour adventure. Like the first, this game puts a heavy emphasis on light and the dangers of going out in the dark. And now with RTX global illumination, Techland can make those night scenes look even more realistic and natural. You can see what that looks like in the screenshots below.

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Synced: Off-Planet, meanwhile, is a new game from publisher Tencent and developer Next Games. It is a survival shooter where players compete against one another for resources while trying to outlive hordes of techno-zombies. It is using ray-tracing for shadows and reflections.

“In the year since Nvidia made it possible to achieve real-time ray tracing in games, this revolutionary technology has been embraced across the industry,” GeForce marketing boss Matt Wuebbling said. “Looking at the number of games, the big-name franchises, and the breathtaking visuals at our Gamescom 2019 event, it’s clear that ray tracing has arrived and is truly the way forward for game development.”