Sega announced a new strategy game today during Gamescom in Germany. It’s Humankind, coming from developer Amplitude, and it will release for PC in 2020.

Humankind will have players progress from the Neolithic era to the modern age as they create their own civilization while focusing on city-building and warfare. It all sounds a bit like, well, Civilization.

This game, however, will give players a way to combine aspects of multiple cultures and nations. You may start as Romans, but then you could evolve to be more like the Vikings or Egyptians. Humankind will include 60 cultures to play with.

Amplitude is best known for Endless Space, a turn-based strategy series that started in 2012. Sega acquired the studio in 2016 based on the strength of that series (Endless Legend, a fantasy strategy game, is in that universe). Its sequel, Endless Space 2, came out in 2017.