World of Warcraft Classic is live as of 3 p.m. Pacific today, and this nostalgic online role-playing experience is drawing a lot of attention.

On Twitch, over 1 million people are watching streamers who are playing World of Warcraft. The next most popular game is Grand Theft Auto V at around 150,000 viewers. And if you’re trying to log into World of Warcraft Classic right now, you’ll be put in a queue that could last for hours depending on which server you joined. For fans of the game back in its early days, this really is a nostalgic experience.

World of Warcraft launched back in 2004 and became a giant hit. Dozens of updates and seven expansions later, the MMO has changed a lot. This made many players yearn for an experience closer to how the game felt in its original state. World of Warcraft Classic gives them that.

It will also help boost subscription numbers for all of World of Warcraft. The same monthly fee gives you access to the normal game and this Classic version.

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