Cerberus Interactive announced today that it has raised $1.75 million in funding. The studio is working a mobile augment reality game, Atlas Empires, that is available now in some test markets. Atlas Empires is its first game, and it’s a location-based affair (similar to Pokémon Go, although it focuses on base-building and strategic combat than finding and collecting ceatures).

Key investors include Reddit chief operating officer and cofounder, Steve Huffman, developers of the Solitaire app Mobilityware, and chief business officer of TikTok Blake Chandlee.

“We believe our marketing-driven approach to game design is a new way forward for mobile game development that has double fold benefits — players get features which are important to them, and studios are able to mitigate financial losses,” said Cerberus cofounder Sami Khan in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “Premiere mobile titles require a great deal of capital, and with the funds raised thus far, we hope to not only pioneer a method that greatly reduces the risk involved, but also reshapes the mobile game development industry as a whole. We expect Atlas Empires will be our proof of concept.”

Khan founded Cerberus in 2017 with Beau Button. The studio is based in Austin, Texas.

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