Pole to Win International, a tech and video game development outsourcing firm, said it is launching an esports team based in India.

The PUBG Mobile team is composed of former members from the Indian Tigers as well as other top pro players. The team is already one of the top three teams in India, having qualified for the ESL championship in Milan and trending as the fan favorite in India.

“The growth and potential of esports is phenomenal,” said Deborah Kirkham, CEO of San Francisco-based PTW, in a statement. “Orange Rock Esports represents our first foray into an incredibly exciting arena. We are thrilled to join this rapidly growing industry and ready to cheer on our talented team.”

PTW is one of a number of studios that provides game development talent for bigger companies that need help finishing the vast amount of art, programming, and other specialty tasks that have to be done for modern games and other tech products. The company has more than 4,000 employees.

Above: PTW

Image Credit: PTW

“It’s predicted that there will be 557 million esports enthusiasts by 2021 and PTW is eager to play a role in capturing the hearts and minds of esports viewers,” added Kasturi Rangan, president of PTW America and India, in a statement. “At PTW, we are all gamers at heart, which makes this an extra exciting move for us. There was a recent PMCO event where the team attracted over 3.7 million viewers and was voted as the fan favorite by over 660,000 votes. Many of us have been fans of the Indian Tigers, and now we look forward to directly supporting the success of our team, PTW’s newly-formed Orange Rock Esports.”

The Orange Rock Esports team is currently undergoing an exclusive bootcamp in Hyderabad, India. They will be training together for the next two months under the management of Bharat Kiran Reddy (also known as Ribbi) who is well known in the pro esports community in India.

Prevailing over 500 other teams playing in India, Orange Rock Esports will have its first chance to compete as a team in late September, having qualified for the Vodafone 5G PUBG Mobile finals in Milan, representing India.

“Now that we have spent time coalescing as a team, we are stronger than ever and ready to dominate the PUBG Mobile arena. We are so excited to be working with PTW to build the future of Esports as Orange Rock Esports,” said Reddy, Orange Rock’s team coach and spokesperson, in a statement.