Jaroslav Beck recently stepped down from his role as CEO of the company behind Beat Saber to “fully focus on our music roadmap and future opportunities.”

Now he’s looking to invest in “supporting new developers.”

Beck is the mind behind the incredibly catchy music of Beat Saber which helped cement its status as worldwide hit by giving players satisfying songs to dance-slice their way to the top of the scoreboard. Beat Games is the Prague-based company behind Beat Saber and it is currently led by Vladimir Hrincar, who co-created the game with Jan Ilavsky.

Beck, meanwhile, is apparently working to chart the company’s course through the entrenched players of the music industry. At Gamescom this year he said he saw a number of new VR games and decided “it would be great to put a bunch money together and start supporting new developers who are creating games or applications for VR and who are thinking a little bit more out of the box, because I believe that VR desperately needs new directions in game mechanics and overall approach.”

Beck says it is a personal project. I reached out to him after he posted the above video to see what kind of a response he’s getting. He said he’s a bit overwhelmed by that response, but still interested in seeing more VR projects and providing advice or financial investment. Beck’s direct messages on Twitter are open.

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