One of the top trending topics on Twitter right now is the #fix2k20 hashtag. This bubbled up over the weekend following the September 6 launch of NBA 2K20. Developer 2K’s servers are struggling to keep up with the huge influx of players, and that’s causing the basketball sim to break down.

Some NBA 2K players are encountering issues that seemingly stem from the troublesome servers. Many of these fans are reporting that it’s crashing after matches. And others are seeing NBA 2K20 delete (or, more likely, fail to save) their MyTeam rosters. Similar issues are also impacting progression. After matches, players are sometimes getting error messages or seeing that they earned zero points from their win.

I’ve asked 2K Games about these issues, and I’ll update this story with any new information from the company.

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Many of these issues are, unfortunately, standard for new online games. Scaling servers to meet demand is difficult, and a lot of popular games have to work through downtime and connection errors.

Most recently, releases like Gears of War 5 put a lot of stress on Xbox Live last weekend. And World of Warcraft Classic had huge queues when it launched last month.

Still, that doesn’t mean that 2K Games can ignore #fix2k20. NBA 2K20 has a heavy emphasis on microtransaction spending, and no one is going to spend extra money on the game if it’s not working correctly. So the publisher is leaving money on the table.

Getting NBA 2K20 up and running so that people feel good about spending money is probably enough motivation to patch up the servers. But if it’s not, getting #fix2K20 to No. 1 trending worldwide on Twitter might also do the trick.