Square Enix released a trailer for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III downloadable content Re Mind, which will come out this winter. You can watch it above. Although the trailer is in Japanese, you can turn on English captions

Kingdom Hearts III came out in January 2019 for PlayStation 4, and the action role-playing game has become one of the best-selling titles of the year. This DLC will give Square Enix a way to make more money off of all of those who already bought the game.

So, what is Re Mind about? Well, spoilers for those who haven’t played Kingdom Hearts III, but it seems to be about main character Sora’s quest to save his friend’s Kairi’s heart following the ending of the base game. So this will be an epilogue of some sort.

While Kingdom Hearts is a series all about Disney crossovers, this trailer is light on characters from the Mouse House. Aside from a brief appearance from Mickey and Goofy near the beginning, it has little Disney influence at all. Instead, Re Mind looks to focus on the franchise’s original (and super anime) characters.

All of this could lead into the next Kingdom Hearts game, whether it’s Kingdom Hearts IV or some kind of spin-off project.