Trials Rising continues to get new content. Ubisoft released the second expansion for the motorbike platformer today. It also launched Rising’s third season of content, which features all new events and cosmetics.

You can get the Trials Rising DLC as part of the $20 Expansion Pass or by itself for $12. It is available now on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It is also available in Ubisoft’s UPlay+ subscription service for PC as well.

The expansion, called Crash & Sunburn, features 37 new tracks. Unlike the core game, which took you to levels primarily around Europe, North America, and Asia, Crash & Sunburn is all about that Southern Hemisphere. Its courses traverse the Amazon rain forest and Inca temples in South America as well as the Australian outback and the Antarctic wilderness.

Ubisoft is calling the new season Welcome to the Future, which is a callback to 2014’s Trials Fusion. That game’s theme song included “welcome to the future” as lyrics in its chorus. The song then goes on to say, “man … machine … the fusion,” which is a reference to that game’s cyborg main character. Rising is paying homage to that with a cyborg skin. Welcome to the Future also features new skins for some of the bikes.

In October, Trials Rising is getting a Halloween event. This introduces new cosmetic items as well as special Jack-o’-lantern collectibles that you can find throughout different tracks.