Publisher Kongregate and Dutch game developer Twirlbound will debut the adventure simulation game Pine on the Windows PC, Mac, Linux, and Nintendo Switch on October 10. They also released the game as a limited beta on Kartridge today, along with a new trailer showing off never-before-seen gameplay.

In Pine, you play Hue, a clever young adult who explores the beautiful island world of Albamare as he struggles to help his diminished human tribe climb the food chain.

Albamare has a diverse simulated ecology of species which constantly compete for food and territory. Players will have to decide when to befriend or hinder any particular species through trade, questing, and fighting. Along the way, Hue will explore an open world ripe with secrets, puzzles, and collectibles.

“We cannot wait for people to get their hands on the Pine beta and see how they’ll tackle the simulation-driven quests and many puzzles on the island of Albamare,” said Matthijs van de Laar, creative director at Breda, Netherlands-based Twirlbound, in a statement. “After 4 years, the seven of us are excited to finally give it to people and have them explore the intricacies of the world that we built.”

To get the game in front of people before release, Twirlbound and Kongregate have released Pine as a limited beta today on Kartridge. It’s $20, and players will get full access to the game on full release. The beta begins October 10. At launch, the game will be $25.