Classic VR horror game Dreadhalls is finally getting itsQuest release  soon.

Dreadhalls hits the standalone headset on October 3 for $9.99. Full cross-buy support is available for anyone that’s already bought the game on Oculus Rift.

Developed by White Door Games, Dreadhalls is a first-person dungeon escape game. The game uses randomly generated labyrinths in which horrific creatures stalk every corner. You can already wishlist the game on the Oculus Store. Make sure to check out the SteamVR launch trailer below.

But Dreadhalls’ history goes back even further than the Rift. The game was one of the first full VR experiences to be commerically available, launching on Gear VR in 2015. As such, it’s a game that was built for gamepad first. It later integrated motion control support, allowing you to light your way with lamps. You won’t find many games like that on Quest. It’s maintained popularity over the years for its jump scares and replayability.

When the game came to PSVR as part of a compilation of titles, we said it was the best of the bunch. Even if it’s starting to show its age a little, we still think Dreadhalls is definitely worth diving into.

Dreadhalls joins The Exorcist: Legion VR and Face Your Fears II as one of the few horror games on Oculus Quest. More screams are certainly welcome on the headset, especially as we begin to approach Halloween.

This story originally appeared on Copyright 2019