Mobcrush, a livestreaming platform that reaches 84 million monthly users, has started a beta test for its ReplayEngine, a new feature that delivers action replays for Fortnite matches.

The feature is a new tool for game streamers and esports teams to share automated broadcast-quality replays in a real-time picture-in-picture window with Fortnite fans.

The ReplayEngine will be showcased at Mobcrush’s Action Replay Party during TwitchCon, which is open to all TwitchCon attendees starting September 27.

Using machine vision-driven artificial intelligence, the Mobcrush ReplayEngine automatically identifies and edits highlights for presentation as “action replays” during the livestream (or after the fact) to the streamers’s entire fan base across all leading social media platforms including Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

The playback of action replays is exclusive to Fortnite for the next two weeks. And it is customizable: streamers can choose to have them positioned in various locations on the screen. Streamers can also utilize the Playlist feature to queue up as many as ten replays as highlight reels.

“Mobcrush’s ReplayEngine is a breakthrough — it gives any creator a real-time, virtual production team at no cost.” said Ali Moiz, CEO of Streamlabs, in a statement. “Mobcrush is one of the most installed apps in the Streamlabs OBS store, so we’re proud to partner with them on the launch of the ReplayEngine by offering seamless Action Replay functionality to all our Streamlabs Prime users.”

During the just-completed 30-day closed beta, more than 50,000 Fortnite action replays were generated by hundreds of streamers for playback during and after their livestreams. Initially, automatic IDing of highlights will be limited to Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends and Rocket League — support for other games will be added in the coming months, with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Destiny 2: Shadowkeep planned for October.

“Any busy streamer knows that one of the most time-consuming activities is watching your replays and clipping your highlights, to share on social media,” said Suren “FabloFN” Soltanpour, in a statement. “I’ve generated hundreds of Action Replays in the past month, saving literally dozens of hours; Mobcrush was already my favorite streaming tech, and the ReplayEngine makes it even more valuable.”

Santa Monica, California-based Mobcrush expects to extend its Go Live Get Paid livestream sponsorship platform to include action replays by early 2020.