Developer Respawn announced today that it is launching a new map for its battle royale shooter Apex Legends. The studio will roll out this new environment at the start of the game’s Season 3 content, which begins October 1.

Season 3 is Respawn’s biggest attempt to shake up Apex Legends since launching it in February. The free-to-play shooter found massive success early on with more than 50 million players in the first couple weeks following its release. It has since fallen into a more reasonable position as a very popular game with millions of regular players. But now Respawn and publisher Electronic Arts are looking to reinvigorate dedicated and lapsed players.

A new season is also an opportunity to attract new players for the first time. And a new map can also contribute to making people feel more comfortable. For at least the start of this new season, you don’t have to feel disadvantaged due to unfamiliarity with the map is a huge disadvantage. No one knows this space, so everyone is on even footing once again.

Apex Legends Season 3 goes to a new planet

Respawn launched a CG trailer that shows the new map in action today. You can watch that above. It reveals that the Legends are leaving Kings Canyon behind to take on the new map, called World’s Edge.

Here’s how Respawn describes it:

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“Welcome to World’s Edge, a new Apex Legends map where molten heat and chemical ice collide. Join our cast of Legends – including the newest Legend, Crypto – on the dropship as they’re whisked from Planet Solace towards World’s Edge on Planet Talos.”

As noted, Season 3 also includes the new character Crypto, which the trailer shows off as well.

EA is promising to deliver more info about Season 3 when it launches October 1.