Sound can make a game. And the latest offering from DTS should help make Microsoft’s Spatial Sound tech stand out even more.

The company announced Sound Unbound today. It’s an app that supports Microsoft Spatial Sound, which helps deliver rich 3D sound to headphones and speakers. It uses the DTS:X audio codec, which you’ll need to install. It’s especially tuned for gaming.

The games with spatial sound on Windows 10 include:

I asked a DTS rep how this should make gaming better.

“DTS uses this framework to help give consumers a competitive edge by delivering two things: 1) precise localization of sounds (so you can better identify where sounds are coming from), and 2) a more realistic sense of immersion so that you are more immersed in the game. … In addition, DTS tunes the experience for the headphone so that you get the sound that the game sound designer intended you to hear,” the spokesperson said.

“For these reasons, we believe DTS is positioned as the premium, best-in-class solution native to Windows 10 for 3D immersive sound.”

It’s also coming to the Xbox One in the future.