PlayStation Network is down for a number of PlayStation 4 owners to kick off October. Sony hasn’t confirmed the outage on its service-status website, but dozens of players are complaining about connection troubles and asking if “PSN is down” on social media.

This server outage is preventing some PlayStation players from logging into their account or booting up digital games. Fans are also encountering errors when trying to download games from the PlayStation Store.

PSN is not down due to any announced maintenance. The network status site says that all services are up and running. This usually means that a huge influx of traffic is crushing PSN servers or some other error has taken them offline unexpectedly.

PSN goes offline occasionally, but Sony Interactive Entertainment has worked hard recently to improve the reliability of the service. That isn’t just important for keeping players happy. A huge amount of Sony’s revenue comes from digital purchases both on its store and within games like Fortnite. If the PlayStation Network is unavailable, Sony and its partners are missing out on making sales.

Update: PSN is back up and running as of 10 a.m. Pacific time.

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