Electronic Arts announced today that FIFA 20 has now reached 10 million players. The soccer (or football, depending on where you’re from) game came out on September 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox one, Switch, and PC.

FIFA 20 is available through the subscription services EA Access and Origin Access, so 10 million players doesn’t mean 10 million sold. Still, that is an impressive milestone to reach in just less than two weeks. And those Access subscribers are still giving money to EA through their subscriptions and possibly through microtransactions. It’s the money from microstransactions that will keep FIFA 20 profitable for EA throughout the next year.

Combined, those 10 million players have participated in 450 million matches. They’ve also scored a total 1.2 billion goals.

EA has been making games based on FIFA since 1993. Along with Madden, it forms the backbone of the EA Sports brand. As of 2018, the series had sold over 260 million copies.

FIFA 20 adds the Volta mode. This puts the emphasis on street soccer, a departure from the stadium-focused version of the sport. It’s more about individual strength rather than team play.

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