Fortnite has been through a big change with the launch of Chapter 2, and the hyped transition from Season X to this new era of the battle royale game garnered a lot of attention on streaming platforms.

Twitch revealed that Fortnite broke the site’s peak concurrent record on a single game on October 13. That was when all of Fortnite, including even the start menu, got sucked into a black hole. The curious and surprising event drew a max of 1.7 million concurrent viewers.

The success extends beyond Twitch. The end of Season X also drew a lot of eyes on Twitter, where the black hole earned 42.8 million views, peaking at 1.4 million concurrent viewers. And on YouTube, about 4.3 million concurrent viewers watched.

And if you’re confused, Season X comes before Chapter 2. No, I don’t know why they so haphazardly alternate between Roman numerals or letters and regular numbers.

No one knew exactly what was going on with the black hole, and that intrigue helped attract viewers. Rumor also suggested that once Fortnite came back, it would launch with a new map. That’s what happened when Season 2 came online.

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