Klang’s Seed is taking a step forward with the announcement of Seed Pioneers, a closed alpha test for the massively multiplayer online world simulation.

Seed is about rebuilding humanity in the future. The pioneers will pave the way for humanity to settle on its new home, Avesta. A new trailer briefly delves into the project’s backstory, the location of humanity’s future home, and what it entails to be a Seed Pioneer. The trailer also features an original composition from the experimental artist Ben Frost, known for his soundtrack for the Netflix original series, Dark.

Accompanying the trailer is the Seed Pioneers deployment website, which looks into the mission, its destination, and how to become a Pioneer.

Seed Pioneers is set to land in 2020. Seed will be an online life-simulator where each player manages multiple characters. Set far in the future, players collaborate to rebuild society and create a new home in a vast world similar to earth.

The simulation is expected to be persistent and continuous, meaning that when players go offline, their characters will continue to live their day-to-day lives within the simulation. Seed is made with Unity, and utilizes Improbable’s SpatialOS, a cloud platform that allows Seed to simulate a world much larger, richer world than it otherwise could.