Overwatch 2 is real. Blizzard Entertainment announced the sequel today during the opening ceremonies for BlizzCon 2019 in Anaheim, California.

Overwatch 2 adds fleshed-out cooperative mode, which will have four players working together against computer-controlled opponents as they earn new skills abilities. It also adds a story missions. The sequel is set up for people to explore the world and lore behind the great cinematics Blizzard has produced for the game.

Those on who just stick with the original Overwatch will still get access to the new PvP mode, characters, and maps. Progress from the first Overwatch, including cosmetics, will carry over to Overwatch 2.

Blizzard showed a CG cinematic to reveal the game, which started with Winston, Tracer, and Mei preparing for a mission. More heroes join them once they begin fighting in Paris, including Genji (with a sporty new hoodie), Briggette, and a new character, Echo. Mercy and Reinhardt also show up to help.

Blizzard also showed gameplay, which featured Overwatch heroes fighting in places like Rio de Janeiro. Push is a new mode for PvP. Push is playable at BlizzCon with the new Toronto map. Sojourn is another new character.

The original Overwatch launched in 2016 and became a bit hit for Blizzard. The multiplayer shooter has attracted over 40 million players, and Blizzard has supported its esports scene with the ambitious Overwatch League. And Genji isn’t the only one with a new look. Every character is getting an update.

Much of the lore and story we got from the first Overwatch explored the origins and backstories of the heroes and villains. Now, we’re finally going to see the story move forward.

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