To the surprise of no one, Beat Saber is once again the top-selling PlayStation VR game in the October PlayStation Store charts, in both the United States and Europe.

Will Beat Saber ever be knocked out of the monthly top 10 best-selling PSVR games on the PlayStation Store charts? It seems incredibly unlikely. This is now the fourth consecutive month at No. 1 for Beat Saber in the U.S., however it’s also been at the top throughout most of the year, with a few exceptions. The poster child rhythm game has been similarly successful on the European PlayStation Store charts, consistently making the top 10 in that region as well.

The rest of the top 10 charts for October, in both the United States and Europe, comprises of similar platform staples that have been available for quite some time now. In the U.S., the charts are rounded out (in descending order) by Superhot VR, Skyrim VR, Five Nights At Freddy’s VR, Job Simulator, Creed: Rise to Glory, Borderlands 2 VR, Firewall Zero Hour, Blood & Truth and PlayStation Worlds VR.

In Europe, the charts are slightly different, with (also in descending order) Blood & Truth, Job Simulator, Superhot VR, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Batman: Arkham VR, Moss, Creed: Rise to Glory, Five Nights at Freddy’s and Robinson: The Journey.

Notably, not one of the five new releases for PlayStation VR in October made the top 10 in either region. That being said, Five Nights at Freddy’s did get some new DLC, which might have helped it climb the charts slightly.

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